Respect Your Handbag!

We love our handbags. They are your lifeline holding within everything you simply cannot live without on a daily basis. Money, credit cards, ID, business cards, lipstick and makeup, hairbrush , tissues, glasses and sunglasses and beyond…amazing what can be found in a ladies handbag!

So where does the handbag often end up ….on the floor! Dirty, unhygienic and unladylike to retrieve.

Handbags are a fashion statement and practical, they can be very expensive and can be quite a financial investment therefore they need to be looked after and protected.

Our simple Stand2Hand can be placed by your side, hang your handbag on a peg and you can open and retrieve anything that you need from within it without struggling to pick it up off the floor. Plus…by placing your mobile on the top ledge it will be close to hand to take photographs and make and receive calls. 

Rather than hanging your bag on the back of your chair whereby it can easily slip off or be stolen by a passer by, your handbag is safe. 

The STAND2HAND is light and easily portable, chic and unobtrusive.

Business logos can be displayed on the top and they can come in all colours.

And in the home…instead of being thrown on a chair or floor….HANG IT! You’ll always know where it is, no searching when you’re rushing out!

Respect your handbag!

More to come…