Respect your handbag!

You’ll always know where it is

& easily portable

The Stand2Hand is shipped boxed & fully assembled

You will soon be unable to live without your Stand2Hand!

Handbags play an essential role in the life of the modern woman within which she keeps important everyday necessities and personal belongings.

Finally we have a solution to protecting your precious handbag and keeping it close to hand. Simply hang it on a peg and be reassured that it is safe and off the floor.

Furthermore place your mobile and glasses on the top ledge and you have them within your sight and easily accessible. No more struggling to retrieve your handbag or any of its contents from the floor. The result is tidy, practical and hygienic.

The stand is freestanding and can be placed wherever needed i.e.

  • In the hallway
  • In the kitchen
  • By the sofa
  • In your Dressing room
  • In your bathroom
  • In the office

In restaurants, cafes, bars it can be by your side. In the Ladies Room it will be protected from getting wet from the very unhygienic floor.